Le proposte di volontariato all’estero per italiani (settembre – ottobre 2021)

Di seguito alcune proposte per italiani nell’ambito dei progetti finanziati dal programma del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà, che ci sono state segnalate dai nostri partner. Per ogni proposta trovate gli indirizzi a cui chiedere maggiori informazioni.

Polonia 10 mesi

🔥ASAP! 🔥Call for participants interested in EVS volunteering 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️
⏰DEADLINE: 31st of October
🌍WHERE? Kielce (central Poland🇵🇱)
🕵️‍♀️AGE? 18-30yo
🗓HOW long? For 10 months (departure planned in early November 2021)
✅WHAT to DO? work in kindergartens, primary schools, cultural institutions, office-located work (social action activities and cooperation with local community)
ℹ️INFOPACK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aZBgjvfuILFNsihWcgr2Z5QL3N-WlymP/view?usp=sharing
📩fill out a short registration form
📩send us your CV and motivation letter on application@centrumwolontariatu.eu
💁🏼‍♀️do not hesitate to ask by email in case of any questions!)

👀Check our YouTube channel and learn more about ESC & VET Mobilities

🎁lots of fun and priceless experiences guaranteed!

We are waiting for you!🥰

Lungo termine in Slovenia con i bambini

Nel progetto già iniziato Kids in Action 8 una defezione ha liberato un posto per un volontario.
L’associazione Familija cerca una persona anche solo per 2 mesi.


Four volunteers from Belgium, France, Latvia and Spain are already chosen, but we still need to find a volunteer, who would primarily work in Day Care Center for Children and Youth DC Om. The volunteer should have an interest in working with kids and he/she should be able to speak English.

To apply for the project, candidates have to send their CV and motivation letter to matjaz@familija.eu or to apply through the European Solidarity Corps portal

Fattoria biologica nei Paesi Bassi, 9 mesi

Paesi Bassi

1 novembre 2021 – 31 luglio 2022

Type of work:

  • Organic farming
  • Organic animal keeping
  • Making dairy products
  • Organic garden
  • Natural / alternative lifestyle

Link to project in the Youth Portal:

Link to opportunity at the Beekhoeve

The ship was making her way steadily through small waves which slapped her and then fizzled like effervescing water, leaving a little border of bubbles and foam on either side. The colourless October sky above was thinly clouded as if by the t

Project description:

Welcome at the Beekhoeve, an organic dairy farm in the centre of the Netherlands close to the city of Utrecht. You actively learn about organic farming through participation. Learn how to make organic raw milk products like cheese, butter and yoghurt. You are welcomed into the daily life of the family who happily share their knowledge about organic farming, healthy foods, natural lifestyle, and if you are interested also about alternative medicine.

This project is great if you like: life outdoors – animals – handmade dairy products – family life – cooking together

Romania, 8 giorni a ottobre 2021

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS! Si cercano partecipanti per questo progetto internazionale gratuito in Romania su Educazione non Formale e Inclusione.
Profilo: Persone interessate alla tematica e al lavoro con i giovani.
Durata: 8 giorni
Titolo: “Out for ChangE+”
Date: 09.10.2021 – 16.10.202
Luogo: Romania, Costinesti
Chi: partecipanti anni 18+
Tematica: Educazione non formale e Inclusione
Stati partecipanti: Polonia, Romania, Italia, Turchia, Estonia, Croazia, Lettonia, Bulgaria
Viaggio Rimborsato fino a 275 Euro
Vitto e Alloggio coperti dal programma Erasmus Plus
Info luca.pinna89@gmail.com
Infopack e application form al seguente Link: http://www.mastronauta.it/index.php?/erasmus/progetti-allestero—call/